According to Andy – ADA 2014 Examined

This year’s American Dental Association Annual Meeting took place from October 9-14 in San Antonio, Texas. This conference is attended by thousands of dentists and dental professionals. This year, DataMotion was selected to provide the Direct Secure Messaging backbone for demonstrations on how to securely transfer patient data between dentists, dental specialists, and other healthcare entities. I spoke to Andy Nieto, DataMotion’s Health IT Strategist, about his experience at the ADA conference.

  • What was the most interesting thing you learned or saw at the conference?
    • The most interesting thing I saw was how really diverse the dental community is and how connected they are as peers- the relationship between dentists, hygienists, and assistants was very family oriented, more so than in the medical community.
  • What was the biggest thing you took away from the conference?
    • Dentists are more technically adept and talented than their medical counterparts. They are seeking answers to new problems, which I think DataMotion is in a great position to solve. From a more general perspective, dentists are very willing to adopt a new technology if it improves care for their patients.
  • Did anything you learned surprise you?
    • A couple things surprised me. The first thing that stuck out to me was how standards-oriented dentistry is. By that, I mean they have established standards for virtually every component of their dental practices. The second surprise was the extent that dentistry really seems to foster a culture of ongoing learning and personal development.
  • How much of an emphasis did you see on compliance? Do you think it was an appropriate amount?
    • I saw a lot of emphasis on compliance with everything from technology and security, compliance for infection control and equipment management, compliance in sanitation- there was a lot of compliance in a lot of different avenues. I thought it was an appropriate amount.
  • What was the biggest pain that dentists are trying to overcome when it comes to compliance?
    • The first pain dentists are facing is the cost of compliance, whether it be IT compliance or sterilization compliance. Every component has a cost- dentists are massive consumers. Every visit has a consumable whether it be the toothbrush they hand out, the supplies they use during the visit- there’s just a massive amount of consumable stuff, and they have to have the appropriate tools to sterilize, tools for documentation, tools for treatment, tools for transmission and receipt of EHRs- the number of tools needed and the cost is a big burden.
    • The second pain for dentists is being technologically compliant with things like HIPAA and HITECH while maintaining workflows that are financially and time efficient.
  • What was the hottest topic that dentists were interested in?
    • From a compliance standpoint, Direct Secure Messaging and interoperability, secure email. The booths that were busiest were the continuing education booths, the consumable supplies booths, and the finance booths- in terms of booth activity, they got a lot of press.

Andy continued, “The dental community is in a fantastic spot to grow and continue to drive toward the standards that will result in better care across the board. Because they’re so willing to embrace improvements and changes, they seem better equipped to adopt new things for their practice.”

To learn more about Direct for dental practitioners and its place in your organization’s measures to ensure compliance, consult with one of DataMotion’s experts today!

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