Want to ensure secure and compliant data exchange? Integrate security!

If security is transparent and easy to use, it will be adopted.

A wide range of business processes handle sensitive data, and need to transmit this data in a secure, compliant and auditable manner. They may involve employees, customers, applications and portals, along with desktops, servers and mobile devices. Sometimes, these processes originate from within the organization, such as from employee desktops, reporting servers or customer portals. They can also originate from outside the organization, from customer inquiries and electronic form submissions. There are a variety of methods commonly used to protect this data, including email encryption, secure file transfer and secure electronic forms.

But to succeed, security must be transparently integrated into the process, making it automatic, readily available and easy to use.

DataMotion Software Development Kits (SDK) allow security to be easily and transparently integrated into business processes. Since 2007, portal and application developers have turned to proven DataMotion SDKs to quickly add security and compliance to their workflows. Each SDK provides sample code in a variety of languages, and are backed by the intuitive DataMotion Web Service API.

The DataMotion SDK secures traditional IT workflows, such as those needing HIPAA, PCI and PII compliance, and our DataMotion Direct SDK provides secure data exchange for clinical healthcare applications. In fact – we have over forty (40+) Electronic Health Record (EHR) vendors successfully integrating DataMotion Direct via our Direct SDK and meeting ONC/CMS EHR Certification Criteria.

DataMotion SDKs provide sample code for the following programming languages: C#, Java, Visual Basic (VB), and PHP. Each SDK consists of the following core components:

SDK Technical Reference Manual which documents the technical specifications and uses of the SDK in a working environment including code samples.
SDK Demos for each programming language, which provide a working sample application with documented source code that demonstrates the implementation of the SDK.
We recently published a new tech note titled “Selecting the Best DataMotion Software Development Kit” to provide guidance on choosing the best SDK for your purposes. If you are interested in getting a copy of the tech note or SDK, you can request it by contacting sales.

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