February 19, 2015

HIPAA Compliance & Data Loss Prevention – Automatic for the People!

This blog has nothing to do with R.E.M.’s album, except that ‘Automatic for the People’ seemed like a perfect title for it. If you were drawn in by that obscure reference because you too are an R.E.M. fan – great! You can listen at the link above while you read the blog! We just published […]…Read More »

February 17, 2015

New Jersey Passes Data Encryption Law

New Jersey recently joined a growing list of states that have expanded the reach of their data breach laws. In January, New Jersey’s Governor Christie signed a law requiring health insurance carriers to protect certain information – either by encryption or “by any other method or technology rendering it unreadable,…Read More »

February 11, 2015

The Meaningful Use “Gold Rush”

Published on Healthcare Innovation News By Andy Nieto, health IT strategist, DataMotion The term “Gold Rush” is one that evokes visions of wealth and simultaneous despair. While there were individuals who succeeded in their quest for gold, the majority of people were lucky to break even as they followed alongside the t…Read More »

February 2, 2015

DataMotion Chosen to Present During Webinar on Use of Encryption for Reducing Risk of HIPAA Data Breach

 From Assessing Risks to Best-Practices, Experts to Provide Attendees With All They Need to Know About Encryption and How to Protect Against Data Breaches FLORHAM PARK, N.J. – February 2, 2015 – DataMotion™, an experienced email encryption and health information service provider (HISP), today announced the company …Read More »