Demonstrating C-CDA Quality and Interoperability at the NJ-HiMSS Conference

This week at the NJ-HiMSS Conference in Atlantic City, DataMotion has partnered with Stella Technology within the interoperability showcase to demonstrate quality control for continuation of care documents.

Reliable data gathered from across the healthcare continuum is critical to understanding population health patterns, driving health information exchange and enabling data-driven analytics.  Any healthcare organization that has attempted to collect and aggregate data knows that getting meaningful, reliable, high quality data from multiple and disparate source systems is a huge challenge that impacts financial performance and patients’ health outcomes.

Quality clinical data exchange powered by Stella Technology’s Inspector of Quality Healthcare Data (iQHD) and Direct Messaging from DataMotion, market leaders in healthcare interoperability are being demonstrated this week at NJ-HiMSS as a solution to this problem. With it, organizations can aggregate data from any 2014 Certified EHR Technology and work collaboratively with their partners and stakeholders to improve the overall quality of the clinical healthcare data in their community.  The result is substantial savings in time, resources and costs associated with collecting, analyzing and leveraging the data for integration projects as well as clinical and business intelligence initiatives.

The combination of Stella Technology’s iQHD and DataMotion Direct is a value added service that ensures continuity of care documents (C-CDAs) exchanged via the Direct Messaging protocol can be filtered for data quality before being advanced in a provider’s EHR workflow.  Stella’s iQHD module examines the data in the C-CDA document applying industry standard quality measurements and returns a score which can be used to decide if the data is reliable or if corrections must be made at the data source to make the data usable for quality improvement initiatives, population health initiatives, and similar data driven use cases.  Data that meets an acceptable score threshold can be populated, via the Direct Messaging, to a clinical system that is interoperable with Direct or can be sent to any provider that has a compliant Direct address.

Lin Wan, the Ph.D., CTO and Co-Founder, Stella Technology puts it this way: “Having meaningful clinical data is a pre-requisite for any successful quality improvement initiatives and population health management. iQHD is a flexible and customizable tool that enables organizations to uncover data issues, enforce standards and ensure that the data received has a level of quality which can satisfy an organization’s specific use cases.”


John Donnelly is the President, IntePro Solutions and organized the interoperability showcase at NJ-HiMSS. John added this perspective on the need for quality controls. “Actionable data that is both complete and reliable is the critical underlying driver of better clinical decisions.  By providing a tool that aggregates data from across the care continuum and validates its conformance with specifications dictated by HL7 and ONC, DataMotion and Stella Technology are advancing improved clinical outcomes and delivering on the vision behind data exchange standards.”


For more information on the solution set from DataMotion and Stella Technology, visit our solution web page; Quality Control Score for C-CDA Delivery Services.

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