DataMotion Makes eBook “A Healthcare Holiday Tale: Horace & the Messaging Miracle” Available for Free Download

Humorous Story of Patient with Raging Rombosis and Inflamed Hacknoids – Cured by a Guilt-Ridden Doctor and Twerking IT Hipster – Provides Lessons on Secure Communications and Patient Engagement

FLORHAM PARK, N.J. – December 14, 2015 DataMotion, an experienced encryption service provider, today announced that the eBook, “A Healthcare Holiday Tale: Horace & the Messaging Miracle,” is now available for free download.

With its humorous, Dr. Seuss-like tone and rich original illustrations, “A Healthcare Holiday Tale: Horace & the Messaging Miracle” focuses on a beleaguered chronic care patient who had to cancel his holiday plans last year with his beloved Aunt Esther and family, due to inefficient communications amongst his care team. Horace’s test results never made it to his primary doctor, referrals were lost, prescriptions weren’t filled and the final insult – a breach gave his protected health information (PHI) to hackers. As a result, Horace was never cured, and his symptoms are back and again jeopardizing his holiday plans.

Still the thing that pushed Horace right over the edge,

Was the breach that gave his data to hackers instead.

Now his rombosis was raging, his hacknoids inflamed,

Must he cancel his holidays at Aunt Esther’s again?

What follows is the story of how a guilt-ridden doctor and a young, twerking IT hipster find a solution that finally puts Horace’s care team “on the same page.” Along the way, issues from secure communications to compliance to the benefits of Meaningful Use (MU) and more are addressed. In the end, a healthcare team and practice learns the value of secure messaging and greater patient engagement, gains newfound efficiencies, curing Horace and enabling him to join Aunt Esther and family for the holidays.

The family gathered ‘round as Horace pulled up a site,

A new patient portal they viewed through the night.

They saw all his scans, test results and those files.

They were mostly grossed out but couldn’t help smile.

“We had a lot of fun with this but it includes some very serious lessons, primarily on how secure communications between a healthcare team can bring about better health outcomes,” said the CTO of DataMotion, Bob Janacek. “Those in healthcare should understand it’s actually very easy, quick and cost-effective to deploy technology that will bring a care team together, allow them to communicate securely, and that their network can gain efficiencies that positively impact the ‘bottom line.’ Most important, this can put the patient at the center of their processes, and result in more effective treatment.”

DataMotionHealth delivers secure healthcare information, where and when it’s needed most. The company has achieved great success in healthcare due to the flexibility of its interoperable, cloud-based secure data exchange platform. Agnostic in nature, it easily integrates proven secure delivery solutions with a wide range of clinical connections and workflows. This includes DataMotion™ SecureMail and DataMotion™ Direct; services enabling providers, patients and health systems to send and receive PHI securely and meet MU and HIPAA requirements. The company’s technology has been hailed for enhancing the exchange of health information in ways that meet “real world” communications challenges, while setting the stage for greater patient engagement: the critical next step in bringing about better outcomes.

“A Healthcare Holiday Tale: Horace & the Messaging Miracle” can be downloaded for free at the DataMotionHealth website. Please visit:

About DataMotion and DataMotionHealth

Since 1999, DataMotion secure data delivery technology has enabled organizations of all sizes to reduce the cost and complexity of delivering electronic information to employees, customers and partners in a secure and compliant way. Ideal for highly regulated industries, the DataMotion SecureMail portfolio offers easy-to-use encryption solutions for email, file transfer, forms processing and customer-initiated contact. In the healthcare sector, DataMotionHealth is an accredited HISP (health information service provider) of Direct Secure Messaging. The DataMotion Direct service enables efficient interoperability and sharing of patient data across the continuum of care. DataMotion is privately held and based in Florham Park, N.J. For the latest news and updates, visit, follow DataMotion on LinkedIn or Twitter® @datamotion.

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