2016 Highlights for the DirectTrust Association

Recently released data from DirectTrust shows significant growth in the adoption and use of Direct. DataMotion is an original member DirectTrust and an EHNAC accredited HISP providing Direct Messaging services. Highlights from the report are in the bullets below:

Increases in the adoption of Direct Exchange and Messaging over the past year:

  • There are over 1.3 million Direct addresses able to share personal health information through DirectTrust’s secure and interoperable network of networks.
  • There were approximately 98 million Direct-enabled transactions in 2016, most of these in support of care coordination, a doubling of the transaction volume for the prior year 2015.
  • There are now over 71,000 healthcare organizations deploying Direct. These include hospitals and medical practices, long term care facilities, departments of public health, mental and behavioral health providers, payer and insurance companies, research networks, public health/quality/disease-specific registries, and three federal agencies (the Indian Health Service, the Veterans Administration, and the CDC).
  • There are 350 EHRs, 35 PHRs, and 50 HIEs that are contracted with one of the 41 accredited HISPs.  No reason to doubt that the DirectTrust community is now the largest national federated health information exchange in the country.
  • DirectTrust’s Directory Aggregation Service reached critical mass as the Directory now exceeds 500,000 entries for identity-verified individual clinicians and healthcare organizations.   Growing steadily over the past two years, we expect the number of entries to nearly double again by mid-2017 as increasing numbers of health information service providers participate.   Currently, 15 HISPs are actively exchanging Direct addresses (DataMotion included), and 23 have executed the Data Sharing Agreement with the intent to enroll in the program in 2017.  Worthy of note, 100+ EHRs are involved in utilization of the Directory for their customers’ ease of lookup and location of Direct addresses from other vendors, including all the larger vendors.
  • Launch of the Governmental Trust Anchor Bundle. The terms and operating procedures for the GTAB were settled after 18 months of collaboration with the 23-federal agency members of the Federal Health Architecture, FHA, administered by ONC.  The operational requirements for this new trust anchor bundle meet a high bar of federal standards for privacy, security, and trust in identity controls, while placing governance and operations of the network in the hands of the private sector through DirectTrust and our Security and Trust Framework and Network Services.  The strategic value of the new GTAB is its capability for enabling very large-scale transaction volumes of Direct Messages and attachments to be communicated among and between multiple federal agencies, between these agencies and health care provider and payer organizations in the private sector, and between the federal agencies that provide health care and their patients.  We anticipate a positive impact on care, for example, by reducing delays for veterans being treated in community hospitals and also seen at Veterans Affairs Medical Centers and Clinics.

DirectTrust is a non-profit healthcare association with 130 member organizations dedicated to facilitating secure interoperable health information exchange and improving care coordination.  As such it not only provides vital services such as accreditations, directory and testing services for Direct Secure Messaging (Direct) but also tracks the adoption and usage of Direct technologies. To learn more about DirectTrust visit their website at www.directtrust.org.




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