About DataMotion Health

Delivering Secure Health Information, when and where it’s needed most

DataMotion Health is about enabling providers to communicate more efficiently across the care continuum and with their patients. We provide secure messaging and connectivity solutions for the secure and compliant exchange of protected health information (PHI) – for clinical use, and as part of the business of delivering improved care at reduced costs.

Secure Messaging Solutions for Healthcare

This DataMotion Health website presents our comprehensive set of secure messaging solutions and products, as well as supporting information to help the healthcare industry:

  • Meet regulatory compliance audits
  • Keep patient information private
  • Protect reputations from data breach impacts
  • Overcome interoperability challenges
  • Improve outcomes thru improved communications
  • Reduce costs and readmissions

Industry Presence and Reputation

DataMotion is well known and respected by our healthcare customers and partners. We are a well-qualified and reliable healthcare solution provider:

  • 16 years of secure messaging and data delivery experience
  • Support for all regulatory compliance needs for PHI/PII ‘in motion’
  • Industry accreditations and memberships (EHNAC, DirectTrust)
  • Extensive healthcare provider user base
  • Industry leading EHR integrations and certifications
  • Exceptional operations and support teams

Innovative, Nimble and Responsive

DataMotion Corporation has deep secure messaging and data delivery experience across many industries developed over 16 years in the industry:

  • Patented message encryption and secure delivery technology
  • Robust platform for secure and interoperable data exchange
  • Standard, interoperable protocols and connectors
  • Flexible solution and service delivery options
  • SaaS, hybrid, premise, OEM, web services
  • Comprehensive developer support and SDKs

Learn more about our solutions, services and products for healthcare by browsing or searching specific topics on this website. For more general information about DataMotion Corporation, and our secure messaging and data delivery solutions for other industries, visit

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