DataMotion Leadership Team


Bob Janacek

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO and co-founder of DataMotion, Inc., Bob Janacek drives the company’s strategy and day-to-day operations. Bob is the architect and original developer of DataMotion’s products and services . With over twenty five years of security and software design experience, he shapes DataMotion’s product offering to anticipate customers’ needs and lead major market transitions. Previously, Bob was the lead designer and developer of Safetynet’s award-winning suite of data security products. Since 1992, he has worked closely with federal, state and industry security privacy standards, including those published by PCI, NIST, and the Rainbow Series Orange Book standards for C2 Security. Bob holds a BS in Computer Science from the New Jersey Institute of Technology, and an MBA in Marketing from Rutgers University.


Robert Jaworski

Chief Operating Officer / Chief Financial Officer

Robert Jaworski joined DataMotion in 2019 as the COO/CFO. He oversees finance, sales & marketing, technology, product, compliance, legal and HR functions of the company. Prior to joining DataMotion, Robert helped build four global startups as their CFO in the technology and cleantech spaces. Most recently, he was the CFO of Eden Technologies, an IT services and systems migrations software company, where he was responsible for finance, legal and HR organizations. Before his executive career, Robert was an investment banker at Jefferies, where he co-founded the firm’s global cleantech investment banking practice. Before banking, he sold telecom operations support systems software at Telcordia Technologies. Robert began his career as a scientist and technology consultant at Bellcore and The Ohio State University. During his career, he has worked in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. He holds an MS in Chemistry from Warsaw University, a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Miami University, and an MBA in Finance from Rutgers University.


Bud Walder

Vice President of Marketing

Bud Walder leads the marketing team at DataMotion, bringing 30+ years of sales, product management and product marketing experience from Lanier, Brother, Intel and Dialogic. Over his career, Walder has developed deep B2B sales and marketing expertise by delivering many successful solution and product introductions, campaigns and strategies in global technology markets. Bud holds a BA in Economics and Business Administration from Rutgers University.

Alex Mushkin

Vice President of Products and Services

Alex Mushkin maintains the roadmap, requirements and planning for DataMotion products and services. He oversees product delivery through the lifecycle and defines and manages processes in order to grow business and improve operational efficiency. He is also responsible for solution development, professional services, compliance and program management. Over the course of his 30+ year career, Alex has worked as a lead software developer, architect and product manager for such companies as Information Builders, Dialogic and Intel. Alex has an MSEE from St Petersburg Polytechnical University, Russia.


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