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February 21, 2018

Health Data Sharing Techniques for 21st Century Cures Act – Part 2

In part 1 of this blog series, we made the following  premise: if succeeding at healthcare reform is highly dependent upon health data sharing, a strategy is needed that satisfies these requirements: Supports and maximizes pay-for-value initiatives Aligns with security and privacy directives Complies with the 21st Century…Read More »

February 5, 2018

Using Direct Messaging for Referrals

As we begin 2018, we see accelerating demand for Direct Messaging addresses and services as a replacement for fax, print-outs and snail mail. This demand comes through our 70+ CEHRT partners – from their provider and care facility subscriber base, as well as direct (small ‘d’) inquiries from providers, care facilitie…Read More »

February 1, 2018

Why Do You Need the SMTP Edge Protocol Connector?

We frequently work with organizations in the health sector on certifications for integrating into their applications, the new 2015 ONC (Office of the National Coordinator) requirements for implementing the SMTP Edge Protocol connector.  In a recent exchange with a customer I was asked a great question about these requirem…Read More »

January 31, 2018

Healthcare Data Sharing Techniques for 21st Century Cures Act – Part 1

Succeeding in the complex business of healthcare in the 21st century requires embracing healthcare delivery transformation.  Healthcare delivery transformation describes the healthcare industry’s response to the disruptive effects of the transition from fee-for-service healthcare to a new pay-for-value model. The litany…Read More »

October 17, 2017

Health Care Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a word that is tossed around a lot this year, especially when it comes to health care data. Seems every week there is another breach we are hearing about. Just in the last few months there were breaches reported at Arkansas Oral Facial Surgery Center (128,000 patients), Augusta University Medical Center, M…Read More »

August 21, 2017

The Emerging Need for a Health Data Convergence Hub

DataMotion was recently included in two newly published market research reports on emerging health IT, namely  the July 2017 Hype Cycle for U.S. Healthcare Payers, 2017 and Hype Cycle for Healthcare Providers, 2017.   Of course, it’s a thrill to get a mention in any Gartner report, but some have suggested that being a…Read More »

July 11, 2017

Why Certify Non-EHR Health IT Solutions for ONC’s 2015 Edition?

For Electronic Health Record (EHR) vendors, ONC certification has been part of the business landscape since HHS introduced certification programs for Health IT in 2010 and launched ONC’s initial Certified EHR Technology (CEHRT) testing in 2011. Certification requirements for Non-EHR Health IT solutions vendors hasn’t f…Read More »

June 19, 2017

ONC: High Praise for Direct Messaging Adoption

In early April, a new chief of the Office of the National Coordinator for Healthcare Information Technology was appointed. Donald W. Rucker, MD, is being lauded as one of the most qualified choices to lead that agency. On June 9th, 2017, he addressed the Direct Exchange Workshop in Washington, D.C. on the topic of Direct …Read More »

May 22, 2017

Wannacry Ransomware – another case for Direct Secure Messaging

With the recent ‘wannacry’ ransomware attack hitting healthcare – we are pleased to see Direct Trust providing a clear explanation of the advantage and protection afforded by Direct Secure Messaging (see below message to Direct Trust membership). As a provider of Direct and Email Encryption (our SecureMa…Read More »

May 18, 2017

HIPAA Compliance in the Age of Population Health Management

The goal of Population Health Management (PHM) is to improve the health outcomes of a group of patients with similar characteristics. One example of a population in this context are patients suffering from the same chronic condition. The care of patients in this group may be managed similarly, often involving the same trea…Read More »