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January 15, 2016

Selecting a Direct Secure Messaging Solution to Improve Care & Reduce Costs

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January 7, 2016

What Does Enabling Care Coordination “look like”

Chapter 1 Buying a diamond usually means considering the 4 Cs; Cut, Clarity, Color and Carat.  Managing healthcare for chronic conditions also has Cs; Coordination, Collaboration, Compassion and Cost.  The cornerstone to all of this, is communication. In this book, we will discuss many different components of care coordi…Read More »

December 21, 2015

What to Look for When Selecting APIs for Securing Healthcare Applications

Healthcare providers and business associates often deal with applications and workflows that contain protected health information (PHI). As PHI is exchanged across the countless devices and networks used in provider and business associate organizations, if left unsecured, these organizations risk exposure to unnecessary fi…Read More »

December 1, 2015

Improving Patient Outcomes with Direct Secure Messaging

Modern medicine has increased the demand for specialization. While a primary care physician still remains most patients’ first point of contact for medical care, physicians are increasingly referring patients to specialists, necessitating ongoing coordination between different facilities, organizations and individual hea…Read More »

November 18, 2015

On-Demand Webinar Tips for Using Encryption to Reduce HIPAA Compliance Risk and Protect Your Data

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October 29, 2015

Demonstrating C-CDA Quality and Interoperability at the NJ-HiMSS Conference

This week at the NJ-HiMSS Conference in Atlantic City, DataMotion has partnered with Stella Technology within the interoperability showcase to demonstrate quality control for continuation of care documents. Reliable data gathered from across the healthcare continuum is critical to understanding population health patterns, …Read More »

October 21, 2015

On-Demand Webinar – ‘Compliance As A Service’ New Revenue Streams For MSPs And Business Associates

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October 15, 2015

Overcoming Interoperability Gaps in Population Health

Direct secure messaging and mobile health apps can help to connect providers. A vital aspect of population health management requires that we communicate with one another and with our patients in a manner that improves outcomes. To achieve this goal, we need true interoperability — access to usable information as well as…Read More »

October 8, 2015

HIPAA Compliance in the Age of Population Health Management

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September 16, 2015

What to Look For When Selecting a HISP

Health Information Service Providers (HISPs) provide Direct Secure Messaging (Direct). Some can also handle digital certificates and identity validation. HISPs play a significant role in enabling EHRs, providers, hospitals, long term care and other healthcare entities to exchange health information in today’s heavily reg…Read More »