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January 15, 2015

Governor Christie passes data encryption law (and is pardoned by DataMotion)

When it comes to securing private health information, DataMotion (a NJ-based corporation) has long advocated the use of encryption – both for data in motion, and for data at rest. There is no more effective way to gird against data breach and HIPAA compliance audits. And as our tagline states – it’s a fast, smart [&h…Read More »

January 6, 2015

Want to ensure secure and compliant data exchange? Integrate security!

If security is transparent and easy to use, it will be adopted. A wide range of business processes handle sensitive data, and need to transmit this data in a secure, compliant and auditable manner. They may involve employees, customers, applications and portals, along with desktops, servers and mobile devices. Sometimes, t…Read More »

November 25, 2014

Maximizing The True Power Of Direct Secure Messaging

Many hospitals are using EHRs to implement secure communications services for meeting Meaningful Use 2 (MU2) requirements. These MU2 efforts are focused on transitions of care (TOC) supporting the secure exchange of information related to referrals and the passing of information between providers and hospitals when patient…Read More »

November 17, 2014

Infographic: The High Cost of HIPAA Violations

Infographic authored by Inspired eLearning, HIPAA security training experts. To view the original post, click here.…Read More »

November 4, 2014

DataMotion Named One of 20 Most Promising Healthcare Consulting Providers

This month, CIO Review’s Healthcare Technology Edition magazine was published, and DataMotion was selected as one of their “20 Most Promising Healthcare Consulting Providers!” CIO Review is “a technology magazine that talks about the enterprise solutions that can redefine the business goals of enterprises tomorrow.…Read More »

October 22, 2014

Are you a sitting duck for data breaches?

“Data breach”- a term that can make any executive panic. And for good reason, because in any industry, a data breach can be disastrous for a company’s reputation and consumer trust, as well as having legal consequences. Unfortunately for companies, data breaches are growing in number, severity, and cost. Two of the b…Read More »

October 17, 2014

According to Andy – ADA 2014 Examined

This year’s American Dental Association Annual Meeting took place from October 9-14 in San Antonio, Texas. This conference is attended by thousands of dentists and dental professionals. This year, DataMotion was selected to provide the Direct Secure Messaging backbone for demonstrations on how to securely transfer patien…Read More »

October 9, 2014

Direct Secure Messaging in Dentistry

This week, I spoke with Andy Nieto, DataMotion’s health IT strategist, on his views on the use of Direct Secure Messaging (Direct) within the dental field. Andy explained what Direct means for dental practitioners, why it’s important, and what he sees as the future for Direct in the dental field. In a nutshell, what is…Read More »

September 12, 2014

Veterans Speak on Direct for MU2 Success

On Thursday, September 4, 2014, DataMotion hosted a webinar presented by HIStalktitled “Meaningful Use Stage 2 (MU2) Veterans Speak Out: Implementing Direct Secure Messaging for Success.” This webinar consisted of a panel of health care industry experts and experienced providers discussing their experiences, lessons le…Read More »

September 10, 2014

Secure, Scalable and Standards-Based PHI Transfer

Unlike most areas of life today where email is the primary communication method, fax is still prevalent in the healthcare industry. There are cost and efficiency concerns associated with fax, however. As Hugh Gilenson, DataMotion’s Director of Healthcare Business Development explains, direct secure mail is a protocol for…Read More »