DataMotion Health Platform

Health Information Delivery Solutions to Empower Connected Care

CCS_SmallSuccessfully sharing information is at the heart of healthcare reforms and initiatives, and requires effective collaboration between all members of the care team and with patients. Success means the information, independent of size, and whether structured or unstructured, can be easily exchanged with the entire care continuum. The exchange must be HIPAA-compliant, and in the right format to be used effectively–as part of the practical business of delivering improved care at reduced costs.

DataMotion Health Platform – Overview

The DataMotion Health Platform enables health information delivery services and solutions for success with the following initiatives and connected healthcare workflows:

  • Care Collaboration
  • Patient Engagement
  • Privacy and Security
  • Population Health
  • Payment Reform
  • EHR Interoperability
  • Health Information Exchange
  • Meaningful Use
  • Affordable Care Act
  • Process & Workflow Improvement

The DataMotion Health Platform is equipped with a comprehensive set of enabling service components for connecting and delivering health information successfully, securely and efficiently – every time.


Value Added Services and Solutions

DataMotion Health and its partners leverage the platform to deliver a wide range of integrated and standalone health information services and solutions.

  • Direct messaging services
  • EHR connectivity and MU2 certification
  • Secure email
  • Secure image and file transfer services
  • Mobile application messaging
  • Patient enrollment services
  • ID validation services (LoA2/3)
  • Direct / fax service integration
  • Insurance member messaging
  • Healthcare provider directory services
  • CCD-A delivery services
  • Compliance policy enforcement
  • Data loss prevention services
  • Secure data migration services
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Secure forms

Service and Solution Provisioning Options

Health information delivery services and solutions enabled by the DataMotion Health Platform are flexibly provisioned in a variety of ways to suit many organizations, workflows, applications, and integration needs:

  • Private Cloud / Subscription
  • Public Cloud / Subscription
  • SaaS / Subscription
  • API / Transaction

The DataMotion Health Platform is powered by Microsoft SQL Server 2016

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