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Automate form completion and data input

Now, more than ever you want to streamline the way in which your patients provide personal and health information with your organization. Typically, when patients need to complete forms with sensitive information, manual processes requiring hard copies, faxes or hand delivery are often necessary. These processes are error-prone, time-consuming and require staff time for data entry. While web application portals are a good automation option, they can be very expensive to build and maintain.

Now there is an efficient alternative – DataMotion SecureForms

DataMotion SecureForms are secure PDF forms your patients can complete on their home computer or tablet and securely submit to your office. Your staff can send SecureForms directly to a patient’s email inbox as an attachment, bypassing portal logins or paperwork, and simplifying the process of completing required paperwork. Patients can complete and submit SecureForms before they visit your office. Since the information is already electronic, it is easier to enter into your computer systems too.

How it works

SecureForms enable you to transform your current paper forms into secure PDF forms. Since these forms are created by you with your organization’s look, all the form fields are specific to your process and needs. Information entered by your patients is sent and stored securely over an encrypted channel by DataMotion. With SecureForms you can now web-enable offline form submissions such as Health Insurance Claims or Medical History Forms.



  • Ability to create web and PDF forms with your company’s look and feel, including branding, logos, and disclaimers
  • Secure Submission of form data over an encrypted channel
  • Secure Storage of form data at rest in an encrypted database
  • Standards Based – deploy HTML forms and capture responses as XML, CSV, PDF, and Plain Text
  • Tracking of form submissions all the way to their destination email address or workflow
  • Notifications via email when a form is submitted
  • Provide PDF receipts using secure online forms


  • Expanded Reach – Web-enable your existing workflows using secure online forms and shorten the time between patient schedule and treatment
  • Cost Savings – Eliminate costly paper, phone, fax and courier based processes.
  • Enhance Process Efficiency and Accuracy – deliver secure online forms directly to patient inboxes for completion, get notified when completed forms are submitted and track all submissions to their destination.
  • Rapid ROI – By leveraging the computing endpoints and systems you and your patients already have, you can rapidly automate your processes without the need for costly infrastructure investments and associated maintenance costs.

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