Using DataMotion (SecureMail) has been seamless within the Outlook program.
— Leah Bouton
Mosinee Dental, LLC

HIPAA Compliant Email Encryption

DataMotion™ SecureMail Desktop

SecureMail Desktop is an easy way to send protected health information and personally identifiable information right from your own email address and email client. The SecureMail Desktop service uses strong encryption techniques to protect the email content and any attachments from breach, theft or misuse in compliance with HIPAA privacy regulations. Encryption is applied whenever a desktop or mobile user selects the SecureMail feature to send an encrypted email message.

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  • Supports HIPAA compliance policies
  • Simple to use with virtually any email client
  • Quickly encrypts even the largest file attachments
  • Easy access for message recipients
  • Tracks all secure messages and attachments
  • Affordable, cloud-based subscription service

How it works

SecureMail Desktop works with virtually any email client, and is optimized for use on mobile devices too. Secure email and file transfers can be initiated from the SecureMail web portal as well.

  • Microsoft Outlook Client
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Google Apps™ Service (Gmail)
  • Lotus Notes
  • Pop 3 / SMTP email clients
  • iOS, Android, and other mobile devices
  • SecureMail web portal 

Advanced Features and Options

  • SecureFileTransfer encrypts files and images up to 100MB, expandable to 2GB
  • SecureContact adds one click secure messaging to your website
  • SecureMail Gateway adds automatic, policy-based email encryption

Standard Product Features

  • easy to install, use and maintain
  • scalable from one user to thousands of users
  • applies compliance-grade encryption with no keys to manage
  • one-click button plug-in to encrypt and send messages from Outlook
  • send messages directly to recipient with nothing for them to install
  • optimized for mobile devices, smartphones and tablets
  • built in tracking of all messages and files sent, received, and opened
  • no additional hardware or infrastructure needed
  • support for nine languages (see datasheet)
  • optional ‘private cloud’ deployment available

Track your messages

SecureMail Desktop is secure email for business that tracks and documents all of your encrypted email and file deliveries. You receive confirmation that your encrypted email was opened, along with a link to more detailed data that captures the exact date and time that your secure email or files were received and accessed. You’ll know for sure that the information was delivered securely and when it was received and opened. And, for administrators, a range of usage reports are provided to monitor and track how services are being used.

Manage Your SecureMail Desktop accounts

SecureMail Desktop accounts are managed from the SecureMail web portal. In addition to using the portal as a means to send, receive and track encrypted messages and files, the portal provides users the following management features:

  • password set/reset
  • create and manage folders
  • message preferences
    • priority
    • receipts
    • confirmations
    • expiration (1 day to 2 years)
    • format

Regulatory Compliance Support

SecureMail Desktop helps organizations stay in compliance with the following regulations.

  • GLBA
  • SOX

To find out if SecureMail Desktop is right for your application, contact sales.

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