HIPAA Compliant Secure File Sharing

SecureFileTransfer is a feature of SecureMail Desktop that enables secure file sharing with anyone, anywhere, anytime in compliance with HIPAA regulations. Images, lab reports, medical records, insurance records – any electronic file containing PII or PHI – SecureFileTransfer can handle it all. Your clinicians and staff can use it from any computer or mobile device, and you get full tracking reports and visibility into all files sent to help keep your organization in compliance. A perfect replacement for faxing, printing or mailing information that needs to be shared with others in your care community, patients, payers or other associates.

Easy for Recipients, Users and Administrators

SecureFileTransfer makes it easy to send and receive large files in compliance with HIPAA regulations. It simplifies secure file sharing using the intuitive SecureMail portal interface that every SecureMail Desktop subscriber can access. Centralized reporting gives administrators full visibility into all files sent and received, and supports HIPAA auditing. No additional software is needed, and uploading files is intuitive – so clinicians and staff can start using this service quickly. With the SecureFileTransfer feature, your users can get their work done, you’ll be able to track everything for compliance, and you can rest assured that everything is protected. It’s streamlined, secure and efficient.


Key Features:

  • Secure file sharing
  • User initiated transfers – up to 2GB (100MB standard)
  • Integrated encryption – no separate key management
  • Centralized administration
  • End-to-end tracking and reporting
  • Configurable file expiration
  • Tools to integrate with existing workflows


  • Up and running in minutes
  • Visibility and control of all file exchanges
  • Boosts HIPAA compliance
  • Increased user productivity
  • Easy for staff and clinicians
  • Lower support costs
  • Works with virtually any file type

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