Digital Certificates for Direct Secure Messaging

Digital Certificates Overview

Digital Certificates are essentially the electronic counterparts to driver licenses, passports, and other forms of identification giving unequivocal proof of an individual’s identity and his/her right to access information or services online.  Digital Certificates confirm identity, establish trust, and enable encrypted messaging thereby providing the safeguards necessary to communicate Protected Health Information (PHI) securely via the Internet.

Digital Certificates Usage

Certificates used by the Direct Project are standard X.509 certificates. These are used to verify identity, and used to sign and encrypt messages to establish bilateral trust. This gives communicating parties confidence that their exchange is secure.  Certificates are typically held in “trust bundles” and are exchanged by Health Information Service Providers (HISPs), like DataMotion, which “connect” communications among end-users.  Providers are only connected when the HISP verifies that the certificates contained in the trust bundle reflect the credentials of the individuals or organizations establishing communication.

Digital Certificates Issuance

EHNAC-Logo_A_DTAAP_RA_CADataMotion is accredited by EHNAC-DirectTrust to validate identities (RA) and issue digital certificates (CA).  This enables us to issue certificates that provide interoperable Direct Messaging with the wide range of HISPs in the DirectTrust community.  In addition, DataMotion Direct also has a partnership with DigiCert that allows our customers to exchange Direct Messages with federal agencies such as the US Department of Veterans Administration. The capability to provide Direct Messaging with federal and non-federal entities allows DataMotion Direct to have the widest reach of any HISP in the industry.

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