Direct Messaging for Health Plans

HIPAA Compliant ‘Email for PHI’

Direct Messaging is a standard email-like protocol for exchanging protected health information, structured and unstructured, including electronic health records, diagnostics test results and virtually any file attachment. The use of Direct Messaging is in full compliance with HIPAA privacy and security rules.

Introduced for providers, the service is now available to patients to help enable their active role in managing health and wellness. The service enables patients to send and receive their clinical records with their care providers as easily as using an email or mobile messaging service.

Direct Messaging for Health Plans

Health Plan providers can use DataMotion Direct Messaging to help subscribers manage their electronic medical records and reports. Direct Messaging is used universally by Certified EHR Technology as a standard information exchange methodology – which makes the protocol very useful for connecting to disparate EHR systems across care settings to receive and consolidate patient care records and files.

Health Plan providers can integrate Direct Messaging into patient portals and mobile applications to elevate the services delivered to their subscribers to include their clinical medical records.

DataMotion Direct Developer’s Program

DataMotion provides a comprehensive set of APIs for provisioning, operating and managing Direct Messaging service for providers and patients at scale. For more information, contact us using the request button on this page or via the 800 number above.

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