Health Information Network provides users with Direct Secure Messaging


Health Information Networks (HINs) need to facilitate Protected Health Information (PHI) exchange among subscribers while conforming to Direct Secure Messaging standards. Complying with strict federal regulations is a principal driver for this adoption. Additionally, current methods of data exchange between disparate systems prove inefficient, costly, and insecure. Some methods include faxing, overnight courier, and telephone conversations to exchange information.


By deploying DataMotion Direct, these organizations can use Direct Secure Messaging as a secure conduit to exchange patient records and other important data among providers and patients. It is built on standard protocols and integrates with Direct-enabled EHR systems.

Benefits and Results

Healthcare providers can now securely exchange PHI and other important information with entities both in and out of their health network.

  • Rapid sharing of critical patient data resulting in faster, better informed decisions
  • Improves overall patient care
  • Providers can participate in federally approved Direct Secure Messaging framework
  • Providers can qualify for Meaningful Use Stage 2 (MU2) reimbursements
  • Reduces costs of faxes, printing, postage, and courier services.
  • Reduces risk and liability
  • Patient records are securely transferred across the Internet

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