Secure Messaging for Health Insurer CRM

Secure Messaging for Health Insurer CRM

Increasing your Customer Service Representative (CSR) productivity while improving member service can drive down costs while increasing revenue – an improvement at both ends of the financial spectrum. In many industries, this is achieved by adding standard email communications to the CRM channel mix.

Unfortunately for companies providing health insurance coverage and dealing with regulations that cover protected health information (PHI), a standard email CRM channel is not a compliant option. And most secure email encryption products create ‘service silos’ that inconvenience your members with extra logins and separate web portals.

Fortunately, DataMotion has a solution. Now you can add a secure and HIPAA compliant email and document sharing channel fully integrated with your web portal and CRM system.

Expanding Secure Member Conversations

You already have a website that your members log into, and you have a CRM system that enables you to manage member conversations. The DataMotion SecureMail platform enriches your CRM and website with a Web Services API that you use to integrate track-able and reportable secure email and file transfer, all from within your existing web portal and login.

How It Works

DataMotion’s SecureMail Platform hub and spoke architecture means that you can use our API features to create a connector between your infrastructure and the SecureMail platform. Since the DataMotion API uses standard web services interfaces, development resources are readily available and development time is reduced.


Compliance, Ease of Use and Efficiency

When a member logs into your customer portal, they may download forms and review coverage details or recent statements. By integrating the DataMotion API into this portal, your members and CSRs can securely exchange messages and attachments without an additional login, key exchange or trip to a different secure email portal. Members will find a benefit in the presentation of messages as a conversation that includes both sent and received messages. For those members who need to submit structured information, the DataMotion API also supports secure HTML and PDF form data. These extended interactions benefit from the same compliance auditability that all DataMotion products receive from the SecureMail platform.


  • Meets compliance requirements for data in motion as specified by HIPAA, HITECH, PCI, FERPA, GLBA and others
  • Private, trusted, secure conversations with your members
  • Integration with your CRM and internal application workflows
  • Integrate SecureMail mailboxes into an existing website
  • Simple and secure file exchange and form submission
  • Compliance – Exchange information with confidence that conversations remain secure and compliant during transit and in storage
  • Immediate cost containment – Cut the cost of faxes, printing, postage and courier services


  • Standard Web Service APIs for:
    • Account authentication
    • Account provisioning
    • Message and file transfer
    • Sent and received message listing
    • Interaction tracking and reporting
  • Authentication API provides Single Sign On
  • Attach documents and images up to 2GB
  • Compatible with Siebel, other CRM systems and business process applications

To find out if this solution is the right fit for your application, contact sales.

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