What Exactly is a HISP?

The term Health Information Service Provider (HISP) has been used by the Direct Project both to describe a function (the management of security and transport for directed exchange) and an organizational model (an organization that performs HISP functions on behalf of the sending or receiving organization or individual).

HISPs responsibilities are also important to understand. They issue Direct Secure Messaging (Direct) addresses and attach certificates to those addresses. Providers need these to use Direct.

A HISP provides the back-end power to make sure your messages are delivered securely to the intended Direct-enabled recipient – similar to a post office delivering the mail. HISPs:

  • Provide your Direct email address
  • Enable backbone transport for HISP to HISP communications
  • Publish digital certificates to establish trust
  • Package message contents using Direct standards and specifications
  • Encrypt content and attachments to secure confidentiality and integrity
  • Ensure authenticity of sender and recipient
  • Route the message to the intended recipient

DataMotion is an accredited HISP bringing Direct Secure Messaging to hospitals, providers, and EHR/EMR vendors. Learn more about DataMotion Direct today!

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